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Lead Your Trip is creating a win-win travel channel through partnerships such as advertisements and partnership inquiries.
If you leave your inquiry through the inquiry form below, the person in charge will check and contact you.

    Information on the collection and use of gain information

    In order to process our online consulting business, Article 15, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the 『Personal Information Protection Act』
    Article 24 (1) No. 1, 『Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.』 Article 22 (1) and
    In accordance with Article 24-2 Paragraph 1, the customer's consent for the following is required.

    1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
    Receiving online inquiries and consulting from Lead Your Trip site users

    2. Items of personal information collected and used
    Required information: name, e-mail address, inquiry details

    3. Period of retention and use of personal information
    From the date of consent for collection and use of personal information to the time of achievement of the purpose of online inquiry
    (However, if there are separate regulations in the relevant laws, they are retained according to the period notified by the applicable laws)

    4. Right to Refuse Consent and Disadvantages of Denying Consent
    Customers have the right to refuse to agree to the above, but personal information is stored for online consultation.
    As it is essential, you must agree to the collection and use of personal information in order to receive inquiries.​